Missions 5 and 6: All The Foreshadowing?

Hello fellow runners! After a long hiatus – I went to stay with some friends on the West Coast – I’m back to review missions 5 and 6.

Actually to be honest: I’m fresh from Mission 6 as of tonight, and I have A Lot Of Feelings, so I figured I should jot them down while I can.

Before the cut, though, I wanted to ask – what’s your favorite Zombies, Run playlist song?

Personal answer: I have a great post-apocalyptic playlist with some heavy metal and rock thrown in, but my own favorite song to run to is Florence + the Machine’s “Drumming Song.” Something about the fear in it, in that minor key, and the sort of off-kilter drumming really makes me go faster. :P

Also, hey, Jack and Eugene? Way to dedicate a song to “all those runners out there” today…. it was “Everything Burns.” So dark.

Another quick question before I review – is any other Android user having a problem with the GPS crop up here and there? Mine glitches about every third run, but I’m not sure if it’s because I have a new glitchy phone, or if it’s the app. I didn’t get any zombie chases today :( It turned out to be a blessing though, because the area where I ran was way more hilly than I remembered and I was struggling. I could not have outrun the zoms today.

Mission Five was great, I ran it in the Golden Gate park and true life, I almost got run over in my zeal to get away from a chase. Towards the end of the mission I was pretty sweaty, but when Janine was like “The lives of these people depend on you!” or whatever, I fully got in the zone, went FFFFUUU and put on a burst of speed.

Then that horrible thing happened to me where you hit your best stride: you’re going as fast as you can – and wham, zombies. I literally could not go faster. I did my damnedest: I fully was swinging my elbows in every direction like it was an Olympic dash, sucking air down my throat through a jaw that was practically unhinged, legs going like a windmill – and I just could not beat them. When they caught me (!!! so terrifying) I panted “ARE – YOU – JOKING” and had to stop to try and actually breathe. (I don’t think the Japanese tourists near me were all that impressed.)

So yeah. Walked for a stretch after that. Fuck Brunswick, my lungs were about to come out of my mouth.

FYI, I did fend off two other zombie chases on the same run. So that’s good.

Oh, and also? I was cooling down and listening to Radio Abel on my way back to my friends’ house, and smirking at Jack and Eugene getting into a snit over the fuel shortage – when wham, zombies! I was zombie attacked during Radio Abel! I was mad as hell about that. Radio Abel is a safe haven, something to unwind to after a pulse-pounding mission. There should be no surprise zombies. :(

Mission Six was totally great. So much plot, and the pilot zombie was a nice motivator to run: for some reason that brought really vivid imagery into my mind (leftover pilot!corpse footage from WWII films? Don’t know why that was so visceral for me).

Also Runner 8 again, that skank x) I don’t think I buy her gruesome backstory; that’s pretty personal, why on earth would she be telling that to someone she doesn’t trust or even like? (PS: “unless we turn on each other”?? Bitch, you wanna fight?) I couldn’t think of a motivator to lie about something like that, though. Ghlgkjdl I just want to Wikipedia the plot of this but I know I cannnn’t. Who are you, Runner 8? Who do you work for?

Also, ugh, her cough. GTFO. I’m a hypochondriac; even a fake hack down the back of my neck makes me grimace.

BUT THEN THE ENDING. OMG. THE ID. RUNNER 5’S BACKSTORY. (As an aside, somebody in this fandom described the canon Runner 5 as a sort of Chell, and I now toootally buy that.)





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